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Project Experience | Dams

Concrete gravity dams are a vital yet vulnerable part of infrastructure, particularly in the earthquake prone regions of Western North America. The structural stability of these dams is of great interest to the general population as consumers of the energy generated by the system and inhabitants of the impending flood zones downstream of the structure. Understanding the dynamic behavior of dams under varying load conditions, including earthquakes, is vital for the safety of the structure and those downstream. Valid models can be obtained through vibration testing of the dam, while permanent monitoring solutions can be established to continually evaluate the safety and integrity of the structure.

TVP's partners have learned that the testing of a dam structure can offer additional challenges compared to building and bridge tests. In particular, the dynamic characteristics of the dam will change with the water level and the rate of flow through the dam. This creates a geometrically non-linear system to be considered in the interpretation of the test results.