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Ambient vibration tests of buildings have been performed by engineers for several decades, dating back to the early 1970's. In a typical ambient vibration test, horizontal accelerations are measured as a means of capturing the transverse and torsional modes of the building. Generally, a finite element model of the building is validated and these models are then used for research, design, and seismic response studies. The partners of TVP have gained experience in the testing of low-rise, midrise, and high-rise buildings varying from industrial to historic structures.

In addition to single ambient vibration tests, monitoring is a technique used to evaluate the state of a structure over longer periods of time, through varying environmental conditions. Long-term vibration monitoring encourages continuous observation of a building in order to examine its behavior during extreme environmental circumstances, like earthquakes or hurricanes. Data collected is then used to assess damage after the event as a way to prioritize emergency response procedures.