TVP Engineering Ltd

About TVP

TVP is an engineering consulting company specializing in commercial and research projects related to structural vibrations and dynamics, with solutions based on methods of design, analysis, testing, and monitoring. The three company partners, Martin Turek, Carlos Ventura, and John Pao, possess extensive experience in problems of structural engineering, design, and experimentation. Martin, Carlos, and John share a long history and have worked together in various ways on many different projects over the past 15 years. TVP is an exciting venture that represents a formal collaboration of the three partners.

In addition to the capabilities and expertise of the partners, TVP can draw upon an extensive network of experts from across the globe, allowing them to find solutions to nearly any vibration-related problem. This network consists of experts in industry and academia, with representation from software developers and programmers, hardware suppliers, noise and vibration isolation, control specialists, and acousticians.

About TVP Engineering