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Ambient vibration testing of bridges emerged in the early 1990's as an economical alternative to more demanding and expensive forced vibration tests. The benefits of ambient tests take advantage of the in-situ loading conditions, which in many cases will excite all of the relevant modes of vibration of the structure. Vibration sensors such as accelerometers are placed along the length of the bridge in vertical and horizontal directions to capture the modes of vibration. These can be placed temporarily and over many locations on the bridge to perform a detailed test; they also can be placed permanently to monitor the behavior of the structure over longer periods of time and through varying environmental conditions.

The partners of TVP have been involved in the testing and monitoring of a variety bridges over the years. Because of the critical role bridges play in the overall infrastructure system, the need to understand their structural performance is high. Issues regarding maintenance, seismic performance and upgrades require knowledge about the structure, and vibration testing offers an economical way to obtain that knowledge.