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Project Experience | Shake Table Testing

For situations where analysis cannot adequately predict the behaviour of a specimen, experimental testing may be the best option. Shake-table tests are a favorable method used to apply dynamic loads to the base of the specimen. Shake tests are performed to simulate earthquake loads on a myriad of specimens, including structural and non-structural elements, as well as full-scale and partial-scale models. The shake-table can also synthesize earthquake time histories or signals such as sine, swept sine, and other controlled wave motions.

The partners at TVP have performed several shake-table tests over the years, testing non-structural and structural elements for both commercial and research purposes. A majority of the testing has been performed at the Earthquake Engineering Research Facility of the University of British Columbia. In addition to the facilities at UBC, TVP has access to a testing laboratory in Bellingham, WA, with a single axis table capable of vertical and horizontal motions.